By State:

Practice NameProvider NameState
Country (if not US)
CityPractice Type
University of Arkansas Medical Science (U.A.M.S.)Dr. Chuck HittARLittle Rock Gynecology, Reproductive Health, Surgery, Surgery (Genital)
Woman's ClinicDr. David ShenkerARLittle Rock Gynecology, Reproductive Health, Surgery, Surgery (Genital)
Toby R Meltzer, MD, PC Plastic & Reconstructive SurgeryAZScottsdale Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Burt Webb MDAZScottsdale Surgery (Genital)
Gary Alter, MDCABeverly Hills Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Jeff JumailyCABeverly Hills Surgery
Bay Area Feminization SurgeryDr. BeckCAFoster City Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Orna Fisher, MDCAPalo Alto Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Satori World MedicalKevin Poling, Director of Patient ServicesCASan Diego OTHER, Surgery Surgical Tourism
The Center of Excellence for Transgender HealthCASan Francisco Endocrinology, Pediatrics, Primary Care, Psychiatry, Surgery (Genital), Therapists
Douglas K Ousterhout MDCASan Francisco Surgery (Plastic/Other)
Brownstein & CraneCurtis Crane, MDCASan Francisco Surgery (Plastic/Other)
Dr. Heidi WittenbergCASan Francisco Surgery, Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Joel B. Beck, MDCASan Mateo Surgery (Plastic/Other)
The Center for Cosmetic SurgeryPaul Steinwald, MDCODenver Surgery (Top/Chest)
Denver Health - LGBT Health ServicesCODenver Endocrinology, Primary Care, Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Top/Chest), Therapists
The Center for Cosmetic SurgeryDr. Paul Steinwald, Dr. Steven VathCOGolden Surgery (Top/Chest)
Trinidad Reproductive HealthcareMarci L. Bowers, MDCOTrinidad Gynecology, Surgery (Genital)
Orlando Delucia, FACSCTFarmington Surgery (Top/Chest)
The Reed Centre for Genital and Sex Change SurgeryHarold Reed, MDFLBay Harbor Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Aesthetics Plastic Surgery InstituteCharles GarramoneFLDavie Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Jacobson & Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center for ExcellenceAlan Jacobson, MD, FACS; Vartan Mardirossian, MDFLJupiter Hair Removal, Surgery (Plastic/Other)
Georgia Plastic SurgeryDr. Sheldon LincenbergGAAtlanta Surgery (Top/Chest)
Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center for the Transforming ArtsDr. Randy WongHIHonolulu Surgery, Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
University of Iowa LGBTQ ClinicIACoralville Assisted Reproduction, Endocrinology, Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Medical Specialties, OTHER, Primary Care, Reproductive Health, Surgery, Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest), Urology, Vocal Coaching
Jeffrey Weinzweig MD, FACSILChicago Surgery (Plastic/Other)
DuPage Medical Group and DMG AestheticsDr. Michelle LeeILWarrenville Surgery (Plastic/Other)
The Zukowski Center for Cosmetic Plastic SurgeryMark L. Zukowski, MD, FACS; Elaine Reinhart, R.N. BSN, Surgical Nurse CoordinatorILWilmette Surgery (Plastic/Other)
Eskenazi Health Outpatient Care Center/IU Health North HospitalSidhbh Gallagher (surgeon), Janine FogelINCarmel Surgery, Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery North ShoreDr. Anoush HadaeghMABeverly Surgery, Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Brigham and Women's Hospital John EinarssonMABoston Surgery
The Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Boston Medical CenterDr. Jaromir Slama, Dr. Robert Oates, Dr. Joshua SeiferMABoston Endocrinology, Medical Specialties, Mental & Behavioral Health, Psychiatry, Surgery, Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Pro Sports OrthopedicsMABoston Medical Specialties, Surgery, Surgery (Plastic/Other)
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterAdam TobiasMABoston Surgery (Top/Chest)
Boston Children's HospitalOren GanorMABoston Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - OB/GYNBrianne MahoneyMABoston Gynecology, Surgery
Richard A. Bartlett, MD FACSMABrookline Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Mount Auburn HospitalStephen R. Sullivan and Helena O.B. TaylorMACambridge Surgery (Top/Chest)
Jeffrey Spiegel, MDMAChestnut Hill Surgery (Plastic/Other)
Concord Plastic Surgery, Inc.Paul CostasMAConcord Surgery (Top/Chest)
Southcoast Physician GroupKevin Maguire MD, FACS, CWSMAFairhaven Surgery (Top/Chest)
Dr. Roger Allcroft MD, FACS,MANorthampton OTHER, Surgery (Plastic/Other) Hair Transplants
Pioneer Valley Plastic SurgeryMelissa Johnson, MD ; Christina Bahgat, PA-CMASpringfield Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Melissa A. Johnson, MDMASpringfield Surgery (Top/Chest)
Advanced Center for Plastic SurgeryBeverly Fischer, MDMDTImonium Surgery (Top/Chest)
University of Michigan Health System Comprehensive Gender Services ProgramWilliam Kuzon, Jr., MDMIAnn Arbor Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
University Club MedicalDr. Mark Scheperle, MDMOBrentwood Endocrinology, Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Life Coach, Medical Specialties, Primary Care, Reproductive Health, Surgery
Barnes-Jewish HospitalDr. John Daniels, MDMOSt. Louis Assisted Reproduction, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Medical Specialties, Mental & Behavioral Health, Oncology, Pediatrics, Primary Care, Psychiatry, Reproductive Health, Substance Abuse/Detox, Surgery, Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest), Therapists, Urology
Great Falls Plastic SurgeryDr. Emilia Plyoplys, MDMTGreat Falls Surgery, Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Surgical Arts CentreDr. Clark O Taylor, MD, DDSMTMissoula Surgery, Surgery (Plastic/Other)
Northwest Plastic Surgery AssociatesDr. Stephen HardyMTMissoula Surgery, Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Renaissance Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, PADr. Keelee MacPhee, M.D.NCRaleigh Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Aesthetic Surgery CenterPerry Johnson, MDNEOmaha Surgery (Top/Chest)
Fobert Feins, MD FACSNHManchester Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Orna Fisher, MDNVLas Vegas Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Dr. Rachel Bluebond-Langner  NYNew York Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Dr. Mark FilsteinNYNew York Surgery (Plastic/Other)
Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and SurgeryJess Ting, MDNYNew York Endocrinology, Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Cleveland Plastic SurgeryDaniel Medalie, MDOHCleveland Surgery (Top/Chest)
Cleveland ClinicCecile Unger, MD MPHOHCleveland Endocrinology, Medical Specialties, Primary Care, Reproductive Health, Surgery, Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Lake Oswego Plastic SurgeryTuan Nguyen, MDORLake Oswego Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Plastic/Other)
OHSU Transgender Health ClinicORPortland Assisted Reproduction, Dermatology, Gynecology, Primary Care, Reproductive Health, Surgery (Plastic/Other), Urology
Samina Wahhab M.D.PAAllentown Surgery (Top/Chest)
Rumer Cosmetic SurgeryKathy L. Rumer, DO, FACOSPAArdmore Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Philadelphia Center for Transgender SurgeryDr. Sherman N. LeisPABala Cynwyd Surgery
The Philadelphia Center for Transgender SurgerySherman LeisPABala Cynwyd Surgery, Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
The Papillon CenterChristine McGinnPANew Hope Surgery (Plastic/Other)
South Carolina ResourcesA short list of trans resources in South CarolinaSC Medical Specialties, Mental & Behavioral Health, OTHER, Primary Care, Reproductive Health, Surgery
American Institute for Plastic SurgeryPeter Raphael, MDTXPlano Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Dr. Peter RaphaelTXPlano Surgery, Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Gary Lawton, MDTXSan Antonio Surgery (Top/Chest)
Steven Warnock, MDUTDraper Surgery (Genital)
June Chen, MDUTSalt Lake City Surgery (Top/Chest)
University of Utah Hospital, Plastic Surgery- Clinic 5.Cori Agarwal, MDUTSalt Lake City Surgery (Top/Chest)
University of Utah Hospital, General Surgery- Clinic 5.Courtney Crombie, MDUTSalt Lake City Surgery (Plastic/Other)
Jason Johnson, MD, OB-GYNUTSalt Lake Ckty Surgery (Genital)
Marshall T. Partington, M.D., F.A.C.S.WAKirkland Surgery (Plastic/Other)
Southcenter Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Restoration, inc.Tony Mangubat, MDWATukwila Surgery (Top/Chest)
The Transgender Surgery WorldDr Narendra KaushikIndiaDelhi-110034 Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Plastic/Other), Surgery (Top/Chest)
McLean Clinic Plastic Surgery FacilityDr. Hugh McLeanCanadaMississauga, Ontario Surgery (Top/Chest)
Dr. Yvon MenardCanadaMontreal, Quebec Surgery (Top/Chest)
Pierre Brassard MDCanadaQuebec H3L 1L2 Surgery, Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Top/Chest)
Visage ClinicMarc DuPere, MDCanadaToronto, Ontario Surgery (Top/Chest)