Core Physicians

Provider Type:Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Primary Care
Core Physicians
Bobby Kelly, MD MPH
Fax: 603-775-0247
21 Hampton Road, Building 3   
Exeter, NH 03833   United States

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Patient Notes:

New patients of all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome. Some examples of our services and programs include:
-Comprehensive primary care and preventive services
-Pre-exposure prophylaxis therapy for HIV prevention (PrEP)
-Infectious disease expertise for treatment of HIV/AIDS
-Cervical cancer and breast cancer screening
-Gender affirming treatments for transgender and gender diverse individuals, including hormone therapy, laser hair removal and gender affirming surgical procedures
-Letters to support hormone therapy and surgical procedures
-Assistance with changing gender marker on driver’s licenses
-Referrals to tertiary centers for more complex gender affirming surgical procedures