Waves, A Psychological Corporation

Provider Type:Mental & Behavioral Health
Waves, A Psychological Corporation
Abigail “Abi” Weissman, Psy.D. California psychologist (she, her, hers) Camilla Williams, Ph.D. California psychologist (she, her, hers)
San Diego, CA   United States

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only virtual / online treatment right now
Only private pay. We don’t take insurance. Some of our specialties include:
• gender identity exploration
• nerdy college student support
• finding a sense of belonging in being in both the hearing and Deaf worlds
• negotiating being both Jewish and queer &/or Jewish and transgender
• loss and despair
• sustaining the hope of social justice activists for the long haul
• celebrating the gifts of having ADHD, all types
• honoring consensual sexual behaviors and identities including bdsm and kink
• honoring consensual relationship types and orientations including polyamory, open relationships, and monogamy
• supporting people in finding and maintaining romantic, platonic, and/or sexual relationship(s) that are fulfilling, balanced, and sustaining
We are a small group clinic and we have availabilities! Oh and our founder, Dr. Abi Weissman identifies as queer and trans. 🙂