Jess Kant, LICSW, MPH

Provider Type:Therapists
Jess Kant, LICSW, MPH

Boston, MA   United States

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I’m currently available for openings for trans youth and their families. I offer both individual and family therapy through private pay on a sliding scale. I’m also open for consultations at similar rates if families aren’t sure they want to commit, or need support around a specific concern/issue. Unfortunately, my pro bono slots are all full at the moment but I will let you know if this changes.

In case this is helpful, I also have specialized training in treating anxiety, and a lot of experience working with schools and school special education departments. I generally practice from Cognitive-behavioral, Family Systems, and Feminist/Narrative approaches.

I would like to prioritize trans youth that are specifically looking for transgender therapists, as I understand that we’re in particularly short supply.