Denver Health – LGBT Health Services

Provider Type:Endocrinology, Primary Care, Surgery (Genital), Surgery (Top/Chest), Therapists
Denver Health – LGBT Health Services

Denver, CO   United States

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Patient Notes:

Behavioral Health Services — Denver Health provides welcoming behavior health services such as gender counseling.
Hormones — all of our affirming providers have been trained in the initiation and continuance of cross-sex hormone therapy.
HIV Care — Denver Health has a national reputation as a leader in the prevention and treatment of HIV. Our Center for Positive Health offers specialized primary care for those with HIV.
PREP — Truvada is a medicine that’s been proven to be extremely effective in preventing the transmission of HIV to those who are uninfected. Denver Health has LGBT friendly providers who will discuss and initiate the Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PREP) regimen for those at risk.
Primary Care — Denver Health has more than 50 affirming primary care physicians who take care of transgender and gender non-conforming patients. Our team offers you the medical care you need and deserve, including pelvic and prostate exams and trans-sensitive papsmeres.
Surgical Procedures
Breast Augmentation/chest reconstruction
Vaginoplasty — for information on how to get on the wait list for this service that will open end of 2017, call one our Patient Navigators.