Elaina Rose Electrology

Provider Type:Hair Removal
Elaina Rose Electrology
Elaina Rose Aucoin

420 Boston Rd.    Rear
Billerica, MA 01821   United States

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Patient Notes:

I offer permanent hair removal by means of electrolysis. My office is in Billerica MA.

Consultations are where you really get to understand the process and some of the variables that are available to you, including whether you are a candidate for laser. We also do a short test treatment so you can see what it’s like and we can see how your skin reacts.

The consultation is completely complementary, and is done for anyone not familiar with the process.

So there’s this nothing to lose… Please feel free to call or text me at the number below to set up an appointment. And please feel free to pass this email on to anyone you feel might benefit from it.

Regular rates:
$40 – 30 minutes
$50 – 45 minutes
$60 – 60 minutes